Software Engineer

edwardt s. baum

Software Engineer

  • Miramar, FL
  • +1 (305) 984-9934


  • Python - Flask - Django

  • C# - .NET - Azure - React

  • Javascript - Node.js - CSS

  • AWS - SQL - NoSQL - DynamoDB


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About Me

Hello World!

My name is EDWARDT BAUM; I am a Software Engineer; an Artist; a Problem Solver; a Critical Thinker;


  • 04/2022 - PRESENT
    • Created a react front end for geofencing to send UDP messages to public IP addresses to control the content change of brightsign media players.
    • Built a UDP server within node js to send UDP messages to routers connected to brightsign players while utilizing express js to create APIs on the backend to communicate with the frontend to create seamless interoperability of data models.
    • Wrote an API call to a third-party tracking software to extract vessel location and data to create geofencing data models to create custom actions when the boat enters and exits geofence boundaries.
    • Configured cradlepoint routers to have static IP addresses and port forwarded them to device ips to recieve UDP messages

  • 10/2021 - 04/2022
    • Created a Flask Application to showcase an art portfolio for an artist
    • Used AWS cloud technologies to deploy this flask application in the cloud
    • Made sure the website had an HTTPS certificate and a custom domain and also utilized cloud formation to observe the stack
    • Used Frozen-Flask to freeze the flask application into a set of static files so that AWS s3 could consume the files

    You can see the website here:

  • 09/2021 - 10/2021
    • Initialized a Sqlite database along with SQLAlchemy to create models for users and tasks and utilized Flask-login libraries to create a login and user authentication system that also created user sessions
    • Employed the use of flask-wtf to create forms for the user to enter information for user registration and task entry
    • Formulated a way for the user to add, delete and update tasks with the added benefit of marking tasks complete and incomplete
    • Made use of bootstrap to create a modern clean appearance on the front end of the web-app

    You can see the code on my GitHub

  • 08/2021 - 09/2021
    • Designed a cloud resume utilizing HTML, and styled the HTML using CSS to make the information easier to consume
    • Applied current security standards by creating a separate user account using AWS IAM and granted certain permissions to the user account keeping the root account secure and Established AWS Vault to securely store and access AWS credentials in a development environment
    • Built infrastructure as code using AWS SAM CLI to create several AWS services directly from the backend to define a cloud configuration in a repository in GitHub while employing AWS Route 53 to point a custom DNS domain to an AWS Cloudfront distribution while wrapping the distribution with an HTTPS certificate created in AWS Certificate Manager
    • Created an API using AWS API gateway that accepts requests from the application to communicate with an AWS DynamoDB table
    • Employed two lambda functions to get and put values into an AWS Database
    • Utilized AWS Codebuild to compile source code that was pushed to a GitHub repository that updated an AWS s3 bucket that hosts a static website

  • 01/2021 - 04/2021
    • Configured a build environment on a Linux operating system to use Arducopter software that enables autopilot features for programs like DroneKit
    • Utilized Python to connect to a DroneKit API that interfaced with a Mavlink terminal to send Python written commands to Drone‚Äôs flight control board
    • Applied testing methodology termed software in the loop that created a simulated drone within a simulated environment to test Python drone commands

    You can see the presentation here

  • 03/2019 - 07/2019
    • Assisted the Artificial Intelligence team by working on front-end and back-end code, branding, and integrations with key university systems via their Chatbot API
    • Formulated MSUnit Tests of the chatbot in various environments before the bot moved from development to production
    • Prepared chatbot HTML, CSS, and javascript for implementations in development environments and up through the production environment

  • 06/2010 - 08/2014
    • Monitored the security and accountability of over $1 Million of highly sensitive military and communications equipment inside the security position resulting in zero losses
    • Facilitated a training program that would instruct new Marines on tactics and reporting procedures resulting in the combat readiness of more than 30 junior Marines
    • Supervised a team of four Marines while providing security for more than $1 Billion worth of serialized military aircrafts ensuring mission accomplishment


  • 09/2018 - 05/2021

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Nova Southeastern University (NSU))

  • 08/2014 - 07/2017

    Associate Degree in Business Administration (Keiser University)